Myla’s sweater is finally done. I think I blogged about it being a first birthday gift…. The kids are 18 months now! Omigosh – how time does fly. I loved making this, it was really fun. We love  Myla so that was the whole thing. Making a cute sweater for a cool little mini. I tried it on Waylon, not long enough to snap a pic, and he looked so adorable. The hood is really pointy and fun. I want to make a red one and name it  ‘Miss riding hood’. I gave it to her Mommy today… But it was a bit soggy and the edge on the hood needs to be blocked, so I took it back. I was just SO excited.

The buttons look great too. Sam is a master mind of fabric and fun cloth creations. I recommend checking them out.

If her Mamma takes a picture- which I’m sure she will – I’ll post it;D

I finished this morning ;DGood night to all and happy knitting!