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Good morning.

What a beautiful day. Put down the needles – Go outside, its gorgeous!

I have been ‘tasting’ lots of the new yarns in the shop, and Glen is yummy. My Aunt was admiring the hoodie scarves my Mom made for the mini cousins for Christmas… So I was inspired to knit one for her too 😀 (It’s actually joint knitting. I made the scarf and now I’m passing it to my Madre to make the hood.) My Aunt likes neutrals and earthy colors. Glen has such a great selection of soft colors. I love the pink!

The yarn is so nice. It’s 30% fine Alpaca. 30% merino, and 40% acrylic. About 100 yards.   For as much acrylic as it has it doesn’t make that ‘ee- ee’ sound that you’d think. It’s soft and bouncy. I picked a really pretty brown. It has a variation of dark and light going through it. As I knit some parts would sort of fade into a lighter color. Loved it. I started Monday, on our way to the Zoo;D ( Love to drive … Well, the Hubby drives and I knit) And I just wove in all my ends this morning. I used two and a half balls for the scarf and did five rows on each end with a brown in Malabrigo Angora. That Angora worked well with the size 11 needles I used. I didn’t need to double the yarns. Mmmm and it’s super fluffy and pretty. I am allergic to Angora and this one was fine to knit with. The little hairs weren’t flying off nad tickling my nose ;D

We will post another picture once Mom finishes the hoodie part.

Peace and enjoy the day,