Okay – I know none of you are shocked. But the horse isn’t done 😦 I am going to play the ‘busy Mom card’. I have very high ambitions and just don’t always get to my goal in the time I alloted. ha ha. Maybe OVER ambitious is the right  thing to say.

He is the cutest horse. I love him and have knitted lots of love and happiness into the little guy. The birthday was so fun and Waylon had such a blast. The party theme was ‘cowboy’ and he rocked the little hat and bandana! Seriously the party was adorable. Mamma Jess is really creative and had the house decked out in perfect cowboy decor and the food… MMM! So I was really bummed that the horse wasn’t finished 😦 I hadn’t even known it was cowboy theme. Would have been perfect.

Moral of my story… Don’t start a homemade gift 5 days before the party! ha ha ha

Happy knitting