Who doesn’t love Jen Aniston?! She is adorable and pretty stickin’ funny! So I recently found a little blurb on her KNITTING!! Love it!

Not that anyone cares…. Except me ;D Just wanted to pass that on. So when you’re feeling all frumpy in your sweats on your couch, watching re-runs of Friends, on TBS… Just think, Ms Aniston may be doing the very same thing ;D Hmmm, Maybe not watching TBS but the knitting – yes. Now how can we get her to Knitterly?! She would love it… I am positive;D

Wish I had a pic of her knitting!

Here is what she said about knitting:

“I’ve been knitting a lot lately,” Aniston told Bang Showbiz. “My make-up artist gave me a basket of needles and yarn as a present. Now, I’m loving it.

“I’ve knitted a couple of hats and a couple of scarves and I’m starting on my first poncho,” she revealed.