I am one of those surprise spoilers! That’s me! My whole family talks about it. I have always wanted a surprise party… But I really don’t like surprises, so I’m not sure why.  As soon as someone says ‘I have a suuur-priZe for you!’ I become totally obsessed.

So this morning with my girlfriend, Jess, Mommy of Charlie ( who’s b day gift is the knit horse) came over for a coffee and kid date…. Um, well, I showed her the pieces of Charlie’s horse. ha ha ha. Aren’t I terrible?! I know it is! Well, she loved it and totally giggled when I pulled out the horse parts with lots of scraggly yarn bits hanging down. Jess has known me since birth and would expect nothing less. When I declared, Sunday, at the party that I had knit the gift… Jess assumed that I had meant the beautiful ‘Bella Notte’ blanket my parents had given… Ummmm, no! Her sister sweetly chimed in and said ‘she means it’s not here’. Ha ha ha. At least I’m consistent.

So finish it I will! And we are visiting with them again next week… I will show up horse in hand;D