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Okay here is my photo’s of un-stuffed Charlie. I’m still computer illiterate…. But getting better;D So my I phone won’t talk to my computer yet. I have to go to my parents and plug into the laptop. Just haven’t done that yet. Anyway… I am for real giving Charlie his horse, whom I also named Charlie;D. Wednesday we are having a play date. This was such a fun project. The legs take a little time and some very strong needles. There are lots of k1tbl in a row. Not sure my wooden needles could take one more of those.

So onto the next.

Myla’s Mommy finished her cape! Super Myla is in full swing. She is pretty much saving the day one sippy cup at a time.  I will see if I am allowed to post a cute photo of her in action;D

Enjoy the pic.’s of Charlie and I’ll get the finished guy on here soon. Promise!