The sunshine felt so good yesterday I was like a lizard on a big rock soakin it up! Kids in the parks, people milling around in all the shops and restaurants all smiling, happy for the change, green sprouts popping up everywhere and the sun! Spring is an amazing thing. I get the itch for change all the time so changing the shop all around was a normal thing for me but this time it was soooo major I will think long and hard before it happens again. Just thinking about all the places that got cleaned under and around makes me smile, all the open space gleaming with sunlight in the front, the comfy table and chairs, colorful ribbons and buttons many people are just now seeing for the first time, Habu yarns clear as day right up front so beautiful I want to decorate my house with them, luxury yarns surrounding the counter like jewelry you want to just put around you neck, ok I guess I’m excited about spring and the spring cleaning we did at the shop I hope you get a chance to get some sun and a little spring cleaning in for yourselves! Re-charge! Re-energized! Mmmmmm!