I can’t believe it’s already April! Crazy how fast this year is going for me, I don’t know about you all but Jan., and Feb., are a faint memory, Dang! Sunny skies make it easier to forget how long the rainy season was and sunshine runs us right on in to thinking of summer. I didn’t think I would ever forget the “simple” (HA!) moving of the counter to a more centered location( with a “flow” around it) and how that “simple” thing took almost a month and ended up “simply” moving just about everything in the store! Well that not so fond memory is fading to” happy I did it” and” wow I really love the way things are coming along” ……. Thank goodness, I really did almost loose my mind in the mess! While going almost crazy I made many piles of “props”, “yarn containment” units and not such yarn friendly furniture items I’ll be selling at the Antique Faire on Sunday April 17th. Spring decorating is one of my favorite things to do so I need to make room for more “props” and “yarn containment” units, I hope to sell our old counter, some bottle racks, tables, chicken coop( formerly known as felting land), many baskets, some metal outdoor furniture, vintage buttons, jewelry findings, vintage linens, and anything else I can fit in the booth! We will have the space right outside the shop, so come on down grab a smoothie next door and get inspired to do some of your own “spring decorating”