Calistoga at the end of April was soooo relaxing and then came the stress!! I picked up my grandson wrong, you know, bent over with a twist! Big back spasm! Missed two days of work, the fist day of Habu/Knit Cook( which went very well by the way) then huge insult to injury my son who suffers from “cluster headaches” is up all night in severe pain, me rubbing his head and neck just to help calm him, so by Saturday I feel like my feet are not even connected to the earth and the next few days are all a blurrrrrr! Cluster headaches are the most painful thing you could ever imagine, so watching your child (even though my son is 28) suffer this way is unbearable, the headaches come for him about once a year and we’ve tried many different things but the only thing that ever stops the headaches is Prednisone, his Doctor doesn’t want to give it to him because it’s so bad for your body. My son reaches a point every time in the cycle of the “cluster” where he just want s to shove an ice pick in his head to release the pain so give him the damn prednisone is what I say! Anyway you slice it this has been a rough patch here that I can’t wait to pass!