Be Sweet is here on Sunday, yea! We are featuring the Sonoma Scarf, I’ll be teaching the “how to” and Nadine will be bringing lots of beautiful yarns and sample garments for you to see and love. I ordered more Be Sweet today and an amazing sample sweater made with bamboo, I can’t wait to get, you’ll all want to make it! I tried on Joan’s (Be Sweet yarn rep) today and ooooh lala! It takes me forever to finish a project with so many swatches to make, yarn to sample, projects inspired by you beautiful knitters, I get sooo corrupted by texture and knitters I can hardly stand it! So I will pay for a sample to be knit every once in a while so it get finished in a short amount of time. Please stop by to see all the Be Sweet even if you are not joining us for the scarf workshop.

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