Funny phrase huh! Well that’s what I’m doing, we had a funeral to go to in Lake Almanor last weekend, lots of family:) , no cell service, sad but wonderful. We shared a room with Ashliegh, Leon and Waylon for 3 nights and Waylon was ah” WAYLON” ! We are all a bit sleep deprived but it was a nice trip. I wish I had pics of the snow on Saturday, it was beeeetiful! We go to San Diego this Thursday for Ashleigh”s race and my wedding anniversary, 30 years! Jeff and I are staying in a fancy hotel on the water for a couple of nights, walks on the beach, nice dinners, how romantic! I can’t wait! I don’t get much time alone with my hubby. So off we go again. I did get a project finished, five hour drive each way, my top down kid classic sweater, I love it! Perfect for this rainy day.Sorry I couldn’t get the pics right side up!

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