Ok so I’m trying to do the mass emails myself and I had to send out three to get it right…. Dammmm well anyway I got some emails right away asking what the heck, but this one cracked me up so I’ll share it with you

I’m really glad to know that this sale is on.  No doubt I will come and buy bags of yarn for which there is no project planned, which is such a joy because we all know how easy it is to find the right pattern that calls for exactly the amount of yarn we have on hand.  And this really will be fun; there is no yarn so lovely than that bought at a discount.  Truly, I’m not being sarcastic; having more yarn than I could ever manage to knit is a fun little secret guilty pleasure.  Plus I spin yarn as well, and guess what?  I have bags of fleece waiting their turn at the wheel.  More than I could ever manage to spin AND knit.


I’m going on at great length not only because it’s fun, but because this is the 3rd time this email has arrived.  I hope your equipment and computers aren’t panicking because they’re worried about being sold too.  I thought you might like to know about the triplication.


Stay well,