Today is the first day of the sidewalk sale, such a great turn out!!!! Thank you all for coming! I never know if I’m doing the right thing with this sale, everything 40+% off is no way to make money and a really good way to fill up a customer’s stash!  I hope you all still come in OFTEN for the rest of the year even if you filled up your stash!!! Stash is for later or an emergency right.

I didn’t want to deal with re-arranging the downstairs and having extra staff this year so all sale items are on the sidewalk which actually gave me more surface space to spread out the yarn than the whole downstairs, crazy huh. We have extra tables and racks out and you can see colors by sunlight so it’s better for  us all.

I don’t have as much overstock as I use to so the sale will be getting smaller for sure. Downtown Petaluma does this “Sidewalk Sale” every year at this time so we will follow their dates each year from now on.

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