Hi yaall! I’ve just been on a trip with my friend Suzanne from Hill Country Weavers in Austin Texas, we went to Denmark to be with Marianne from Isager yarns. OMG! So much fun, best trip I’ve ever done! 17hour flight not so fun but worth it. I flew to Austin for a day so Suzanne and I could take the long flight together, much better with someone to talk to. Austin is really cool too, I always love to go shopping on Suzanne’s street, it’s got some really funky shops- a must do for me every time is Uncommon Objects.

Denmark is so beautiful, we stayed near Marianne’s house just a 2 minute walk from the beach, it was Heavenly! Each morning we would meet a 8am for a swim to start the day, what a way to start your day! Breakfast at 9 then knitting lessons and learning more about how the company was created and inspiration for their patterns and books. We had our own healthy food chef preparing every meal, it was amazing! We sat on the deck in the sunshine, it was perfect weather, and learned all kinds of knitting techniques. It was so relaxing I felt so content I could hardly wipe the smile off my face, like a little kid! I’ll give more details, today is my first day home. Here are a few pics……

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