Well this “Third Thursday” sure did sneak up on me! Going to Denmark end of July first week of August has got me all messed up. We had our sidewalk sale and then a couple days later swish I was off to Austin to meet with Suzanne and then off to Denmark we went to knit with Marianne Isager, wow how time flies when you fly!!! Funny thing about being so excited about Marianne, I sold as much Isager yesterday (not on sale) as I did cotton. I’ve been working on moving the Habu, Isager and this groovy little possum blend called kiwi all to the same area because all these yarns are fabulous knit single stranded and even more fab when double or tripled with each other! The cotton yarns got the best spot in the house right when you walk in the store where the Habu use to be so yesterday was the perfect day for cotton to be on sale it was all a part of my marketing plan, even though I didn’t know it was third thursday or what I would put on sale till tuesday eve when the ladies in class said where is our sale email? It was a great day but I’m afraid it was a little short notice, sorry about that. It was nice to have you after 7pm customers, I’m never too sure if people need us open till 8. Thanks to Dusty for coming in and knitting with me that was fun!