I get that question all the time……. Such a hard one for me to answer. I love to see color when I look in the shop like looking at a kitchen store catalog and wanting colorful pans from Le Creuset and bright colored blender or dishes but the truth is I have mostly off white dishes and not much bright colored anything in my kitchen just like in my closet I like pale earthy colors so when I choose “yarn I love” it depends on if it’s for me or the shop. I love knitting on Malabrigo angora, it is so soft, hand spun- so texture feast, kettle dyed- so great color depth, and a really quick knit like on 11 or 13 needle cuz it fluffs like crazy, if I wanted to look like a fluffy bunny all the time I would knit sweaters out of it all day long, but I choose to limit sweaters in this to baby and make cowls for myself….. which are for sure some of my favorite things! Yesterday we had cocoknits and did a “what to do with Habu” yarn tasting, so much fun! I discovered a new “yarn I love” in combining Habu silk mohair with Isager wool one, wool 1 is a bit scratchy for me but mixed with Habu silk mohair it’s so soft, beautiful texture and an amazing lofty little fiber combo perfect for a yummy little sweater. I also love organic cottons, they are actually really great to knit with, being organic they are hollow in the middle which makes them have more give for easy knitting and less likely to grow in a garment and machine washable, also in some of my favorite things. I” love” cashmere, that doesn’t surprise you I’m sure! I “love” some yarns because of the beautiful colors….Like Alchemy and Mad Tosh……I “love” alpaca because of it’s softness……..I “love” thinner yarns like something you would knit on size 6 or smaller needle for a sweater because it’s more flattering fabric………I “love”textured yarns like Habu, and anything thick thin because I’m a total texture junky………I “love” cottons for kids because it’s always soft and never itches them……. I “love” yarn because no matter what is going on in life YARN always makes me smile.