How did it get to be November already??? I was trying to fit in some classes and realized I was having to  work around Thanksgiving weekend!! The rain came, the time changed, the nights are cold, duh where have I been, it’s fall.   I felt a bit of panic at the thought of the Holidays getting so close but also feel so happy for all the changes and the knitting possibilities.   November 6th already, time for holiday knitting, get going so you can enjoy knitting and maybe make something for yourself.   I have really been enjoying making hats and scarves lately, fun fast and finished!   Lots of soft cozy alpaca blends and cashmere too , one I’ve recently fallen in lust with is from Sweden…. Kashmir Alpakka it’s dreamy!  I’ve made a baby sweater, slouchy hat and started a sweater for myself in it.  It’s a bit pricy ($15) but a bargain for the end result, well actually a bargain of knitting pleasure as well!  Bouton d Or has a couple of  really nice yarns that I love for hats and scarves too, so soft and delicious!   As you must know I’m a true yarn addict……… so keep that in mind if you follow me in my yummy indulgences. I don’t do drugs, (don’t like them) wine ( gives me a headache)or anything too expensive (except boots)  so yarn is definitely my drug of choice!  I spent the whole weekend home with a sore throat, knitting, loving knitting….

It’s been nice to see all the beautiful faces of the cold weather knitters popping in the shop again…  AAAAhhhhhhh yummy indulgence!