Well hello… 

  I am going to be the “Wednesday blogger” 😀 Woot woot! 

Our son, Little Mr. W, is in Prechool for two hours and I have our Little E all wrapped in her Moby and ready to write. I haven’t actually had time to knit but about two rows since our beautiful daughter arrived. But “nesting” sent me into a knitting frenzy before her beautiful eyes locked on mine ❤  I have made gifts for all Mr W’s and Little E’s buddies;D I used books, patterns, free online patterns, expensive yarn, inexpensive yarn, all are very fun and definitely beautiful ❤ Hopefully you will be inspired and someone 😀 will make something I post. he he

   Christmas is almost here and most of these patterns can actually STILL be made before the holdiday.  I will upload my project photos, links to the free pattern I used, book titles and the yarn and cost… I need to take some pretty photos first ❤

   Stay tuned for the second half of my first Wednesday blog