“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” – Walt Disney

The beginning of the year always brings , for me at least, lists…  I make lists for the new year. Where I want to go, sports I want to try, people I’d like to visit, projects for knitting.

This year is already so exciting.December 1 I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl, Evalyn Lucille.  Life is so different and so awesome. Time has a new meaning to me, I’m really not sure it actually exists. My day begins and before I know it it’s ending again. I have been trying, hard as I can, to slow down and soak it all in. Making lists seem to take up this precious time I have.. Tisk tisk. Now is the time for DOING.

And knitting is a doing I need to do more of;D  So, at night while the family sleeps I pull out my knitting and get to work. It’s nice having the quiet and space to move my arms and knit. Monday night we took a walk and visited the parental units at knitterly, where they were moving things around.  (you have to see My Mom has rearranged the shop and it looks pretty fabulous;D)  Anyway while exiting I grabbed two balls of yarn and some circular needles. That night I sat cross legged with my yarn, Raggazza TU (purple and yellow) in my lap and my new “Knitters Pride” needles. Yum. The yarn is so fluffy and nice. The project was real quick with my #19 needles too;D I highly recommend. The knitters pride needles are well named. OH. My. Knitting. I heart these needles. Pointy tips, smooth wood, and the colors are fabulous. A rainbow of colors. Each size has it’s own fancy color. Can’t wait to have a mason jar filled with ALL the pretty colors. Before I went to bed I had made a spunky cowl and felt quite pleased with finishing a whole project.

Knitters pride needlesRagazza TU

The sunny crisp weather feels more like spring than winter. But January is here and so are some amazing yarns. Knit Collage has done it again and made the coolest sequin yarn I have ever seen. The sequins are made of metal. Metal! How cool is that?! I can’t wait to get it around my neck;D Lucky girl I am, My Mom is knitting me a self fringing shawl:D Yay!!  Ok – come in and ogle over, touch, smell, and KNIT, the fabulous winter yarns.

Knit collage baby!

I am including the pattern to the cowl I made with the Raggazza TU. Knit and enjoy 😀

   Ragazza TU Cowl:

2 balls Ragazza Tu ( I chose two contrast colors)

32″ # 19  Knitters pride circular needles

Cast on 80 stitches

K2, P2 Repeat for every round

* I just knit until it looked like I was going to run out. Eye ball it.  About 12 rounds

Have fun and let me know how you like the needles… I’m ga ga for them…. Droool