So knitters, who else is addicted to ?! Amazing… I’ve found some really great DIY tutorials. This is one I ‘pinned’ (not my design though). It was such a fast knit and I love the shape. I thought the final product was okay… But then my cute cousin, Jenna, put it on and well….  Awesome… Now I want one.

I am knitting a pretty turquoise ‘Jade Sapphire’ cashmere number for my wonderful friend, Nicole too.

I must admit… I didn’t do a functioning button because I think that over time the button hole will stretch out. I sewed  a really awesome button from our “Popeye’s” (that’s our Grandfather) old navy coat on to one side.  It’s really cool old button with an anchor and a rope going around it. On the underside I did a hook and eye deal. You won’t see the other side of the hardware once it’s on.  That way you have the cute button look without the hole getting stretched all out.


Makes you want to make one too, yes?!

Okay so I haven’t figured out how to attach a link.. Even though my wordpress blog has a button called ‘Link’ hmmm. Not sure where it’s going after I attach it. So just do a good ole cut and paste 😀 Sorry knitters. I’ll get it soon ;D

You might get sick of headbands after this post.  I went to the shop and did a ribbon heist;D We carry elastic! Woot woot!  Ribbon is so pretty and it doesn’t take much to make one. For less than $10.00 you can make some pretty awesome hair accessories.  I have enough ribbon and elastic to make, at least, 6 headbands. Baby E definitely wants a few and baby Dub.. Ooh and Way’s buddy My…I am ribbon happy over here!  Hoping I can make some that actually stay on my head as well. I know I am not the only one who gets the slow roll. You know when the  headband slowly springs off your head exposing your ever growing bangs?! ;D

Enjoy Enjoy and let me know what you make your headband out of 😀 Make it out of any old thing.



The yarn I used is a fabulous cashmere blend  “Kashmir Alpakka” by Sandnes  (It’s a fabulous Swedish yarn) and number 7 straight needles. I recommend the Knitters pride, the #7 needles are black. Fancy:D

Happy knitting