A Christmas hat for Waylon, just to remind us all how fast the days have flown byyyyyy! So much since Christmas, wow!

The trees outside the shop finally lost their leaves,….. with no rain in the forecast the sun was blazing in through the huge old time windows right into our eyes as we were standing behind the counter sooooo…. I started to dream of all the ways to move the shop around and get the counter to a better spot.

We moved the ribbon & buttons front and center, I love our collection of french trims, cotton & linen bindings, hand dyed silks, pom pons, vintage buttons, all kinds of yummy stuff for my imagination to go wild!

Books in the old chinese laundry rack behind the couch in our new sitting area, Habu on the brightest wall in the shop, love the Habu!

Lots of exciting new changes happening at Knitterly!

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