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My daughter Ashleigh and her family have been happily living in their little house on the west side of town for more than a year now, close enough to walk to the shop. This winter they discovered mold in the house and had to move out in a hurry! They ended up back in our house in Ashleigh”s old room now with a two year old and a new baby, FULL house! It’s all good, just a bit cramped. My husband and I can only laugh and smile. The kids are going to try and save some $$ to buy a starter house in Petaluma so for now we’ll have lots of big dinners, big smooches from Waylon in the mornings(Yipee!)kids movies, knitting all around the house,( since Ashleigh & I are both knitting fiends) tons of cars & trucks out front and whatever else comes along with a FULL house…….Ha!