In honor of Valentines day I’m blogging about a mailbox. Not the kind for receiving love letters but non the less lovely:)
It’s the bouton D’Or maillebox. It’s been over looked. One kit comes with 5 balls of beautiful natural yarn. And patterns for making yummy knits. The kit I chose has a nice steel blue/ grey “cobalt “. The yarn is 100% wool, free of chemicals, eco-friendly, and dyed with vegetables . I have started the french style beret and will knit the  fingerless gloves to match. There are other choices to knit; votive candle covers, a scarf with crochet flower, with enough to chose a couple projects this is a fun way to get inspired… Two kits knit up a classic cable sweater (at a reasonable price too) the boxes are $50.00 each and come with 5 balls of “GAIA” and various patterns, with easy to follow instructions.  There are not many kits left, though all the colors are lovely and natural.
     Finally it’s wintery out, perfect for knitting (and wearing your knits! ) So get to it knitters! In my ever growing goal to stay “ahead’ or ‘on top’ of things I have decided to use a few of these patterns to make some 2012  Christmas gifts 🙂 why not start now? The weather is just right 😉
      Happy knitting XO