Latte Mmm coffee seriously is an addiction for me. I love to hold a hot cup of Carmel colored espresso. The cup i believe is part of the addiction. Fortunately for me, we have such a fabulous selection of coffee shops in Petaluma. My current favorite is Acre ( click the photo below and check out the website)  Which happens to be located on our street (#21 Fourth street)! Lucky us! The whole scene is really inviting.
     I romanticize about grabbing a coffee and a cookie and knitting away on that cozy leather sofa at Knitterly. Um, the cookies… By ‘A Girl And Dog Boutique Bakery’ are ah-maxing BTW 🙂 …..
    I don’t actually drink latte’s but I’m excited about a project I just finished called “latte”. Berroco and Nora Gogan put out great pattern booklets together. This particular booklet (#314) is really great. There are at least three projects I’d love to own. I’m using the Berroco yarn Nanuk in color sila. It’s this yummy silvery grey color. I have NOT been able to put this project down! The yarn is so delicious.  I want one in purple next 😉
     The pattern is beginner status. Normally I’d say  anything furry or fuzzy that’s hard to see is a little tricky to knit, but Nanuk is so smooth and soft it’s worth trying.
     It’s fast! Like no kids, no plans,freezing outside, weekend fast;) I knit FOUR balls day 1 of  knitting! It took about three days total. And it’s a fairly reasonable in price. Nanuck is $9.50 a ball and I used 9 balls for the medium size. Definitely do a gauge swatch. You may knit tighter or looser than usual.
    If “Latte” isn’t a project you fancy, this yarn is superb, and would make the coziest scarf, cowl, blanket, or whatever. Mmm I may need a cozy “bankley” (as my son calls them)
   When i was measuring it on the carpet my little Mr would lay down and said “cozy mommy, cozy!” 😀
     Can’t wait to get my photos up! It’s my favorite thing I have EVER made!!! Yay knitting! I wore it to the zoo monday… SOOOOO warm! Functional and fashionable!
Enjoy enjoy & happy knitting
         XO ash