Go pick up your copies! Now! Quick before they are gobbled up by hungry readers! Or knitters ;D

   “Extra Yarn” written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen,  is a fun read.  The story line is awesome. Especially if you are a knitter and lover of yarn.  A young girl in a coal colored town, knitting it pretty with her dog by her side. She puts a smile on a grumpy boys face, warms a truck 😀 (with a sweater) hats a man (who I think is loosely based off my shorts wearing uncle), and refuses to sell her magical knitting set to a rich ship driving Baron. Love her priorities!
Who wouldn’t want to repeatedly read this?! So grab a copy for a knitter friend, your children, grand children or yourself… And be at Copperfields bookstore, in Petaluma, this Sunday @ 2pm.  Where Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen will be signing books, yucking it up, ( at least one person will be knitting -eh hmm) and yarn bombing our ah-mazing town! Yep, yarn bombing! So knit a tree a scarf, a light pole an ascot, or cover up some lame-o graffiti with a mini blanket. Let’s make it  fun 😀
I have to also mention Jon Klassen’s book “I want my hat back” I heart this book. One of my best girls, Desi, of See Desi Do,told me about this book. it’s so cute and cracks up my boy. And the ending is assumed by the reader- which I think is great.

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My family has a HUGE  thank you for Both Mac Barnett,  Jon Klassen AND Copperfields for donating a portion of the events sales to “Just for Jesse” a fund for my cousin, Jesse Paul, who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident last July 7.  THANK YOU! Our family can not express how wonderful this is. It’s such a gracious gift and is a reminder of community and how much P Town rocks!
Grab YOUR copy of  “Extra Yarn” written by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen AND “I want my hat back” written and illustrated by Jon Klassen (because they are both fabulous) and get in on the yarny fun with signed books and our town all done up in knits!