the knitting chair.. With a little Erika Knight ❤

This is the un named, definitely designated, knitting chair. No one has said “this chair is strictly for knitting” but it goes without saying. No matter who sits there at 2pm in the afternoon or 5pm in the evening… When Mom gets home THAT is the knitting chair.
Growing up in this house I hadn’t noticed how little light there was in our living room. We have no ceiling fixture but it’s close to the dining room light and there have always been floor lamps…. Anyway, as eyes get older and the glasses come out THIS chair is an arms reach to the floor lamp, book shelf (that hasn’t shelved a novel or anything besides knitting books in about 5 years) notions and a cup of tea.
This chair is loved. It’s seen pajama knitting, late night knitting, Saturday morning knitting, trying to knit with baby in my lap knitting, and even “I don’t know how to knit” knitting …. He he
Just a little look into the yarn ladies knitting world… As told by her daughter 😉

Where is your ‘knitting spot”?

Enjoy enjoy and happy knitting