Around here I  struggle to fit in time for knitting.
I  have two ah-mazing kids and a super awesome Hubbs, I run (so much less than I would like),  sew, bake (much more than the families waist lines can afford), write, adore music, adventures, visiting with family and friends, and KNITTING. Sometimes I feel frustrated not being able to fit it “all” in one day.
Sometimes Five quiet minutes to knit is what I crave most, er well not more than coffee ;D So I set my alarm to 5am (when it’s still dark!)  hear the Hubbs pull away, in his loudly roaring diesel and sit by a warm fire and knit. This is enough to relax me, lift my mood and clear my head a bit.
We all, I think, crave balance in our lives. Wether it’s  Fun, health, work, friends, family, whatever,  balance is what most people try to attain. Certain things, activities, people, they help us feel more balanced and peaceful. Knitting is close to the top of my balancing act.
I hear knitters say, often, that they give up one thing, usually a craft, to fit more knitting in. Quilters who, with entire rooms of quilting materials, set aside projects to knit,  avid readers who haven’t touched a book in months because of a sweater that just can’t be put down. There is something magical about knitting. The dance of the needles, the touch of the yarn (for me it’s usually softness that I can’t get enough of), the smell of the fiber, making something from a ball of yarn (blows my mind!). Knitting brings together people who may have nothing else in common (or at least they thought) except the love of fiber and knitting
I myself now have priceless relationships because of Knitterly and my love of knitting. Some of my own junior high school teachers, a rug hooker in her 90’s, artists, equestrians, authors, a roller derby chick (one of my favorite friends), a model, a forensic scientist,  a personal chef, photographers, farmers, dentists, musicians … People from all walks of life knit. It brings us together, there is a commrodery  that comes with knitting. a kindness from one knitter to the next.
And somehow it is addictive -must be the repetitive motion. I can’t seem to give it up, or even entertain the idea of NOT knitting. That would be crazy talk! I rarely go a 24 hour span without picking up needles.
I am trying to put down my phone more (or at all!), lace up my running shoes, bake more,  read more, knit more, enjoy more family time, improve my health,  these are my balancing acts, in no certain order 😉 Things I’m not willing to give up or sacrifice.
Before I became a knitter  I loved to bead. I had thousands of beads. I’d stay up until dawn stranding tiny seed beads to make a necklace or bracelet. Beads would cover the floor. My back and neck would be stiff from lack of movement. Ha… My husband would have to make a path to get through my “work space”…. I haven’t done any beading in years (except artisan work for a friends jewelry line) I don’t use it as a creative outlet anymore. I don’t need it. I knit!
I know so many of you would rather unravel a sweater from the Good Will than give up knitting. I adore this creativity us knitters have, the love of the craft.
Happy we are all here in good company… Knitting in the love and letting out the stresses. Love your projects, don’t waste time knitting things that aggravate you. Knitting is to be enjoyed ;D So enjoy!

Happy knitting

My blog isn’t letting me use my space bar at the beginning of a new paragraph. Errr… So just pretend they are there ;D