We all have our knitting ‘crushes’. Me? I have two. 😀 But I am only telling you one, today. Her name is Erika Knight and she is an awesome knitter, pattern writer, and designer.. (sigh) She usually uses small needles and yarn. I am a regular size 9 knitter. Buuut I adore her patterns… So i shrink my needles and yarn to fit her style.

Ms. Knight has such beautiful knit designs and has recently come out with a book that is also ‘simple’. Simple knitting ‘A complete how-to-knit workshop with20 projects’

     She has really hit the nail on the head with this one! Crushing hard – I know!  Each project has a side note titled Masterclass which has a new stitch, increase, or other helpful technique. My first project #10 ‘Mittens’.  The masterclass for this project is a knit wise increase or KFB. The mittens have a  long cuff –  and that perfect thumb gusset we all want. The patterns are geared towards a beginning knitter and are knit flat and then seamed. This may turn some of you off but I have to say it’s the tidiest thumb gusset ever

I am going to power through as many of her projects as I can and let you know how they turn out and what one will learn.

   My ‘mittens’, which are actually fingerless gloves, are being knit with Bouton d’Or Legende. I heart! Another fabulous French yarn;D I am in lust with both Erika Knight and Bouton d’Or. Both are Fabulous. It seems that it will take me 2 balls for one glove. won won wonnnn… But if you want luscious yarn and yummy- to wear- ‘mittens’ use it 😀 There are plenty of other yarns that can be used and will be fabulous that will only use one skein for a glove.

 And if you are a beginner we carry a yarn called encore. It’s a great machine washable with 216 yards and tons of great colors. I use this yarn a lot for everything.

Pictures to come.

Happy Friday and Happy Happy knitting