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You can, much to the pain of my family and others who know me, quite often hear my opinion of blogging,tweeting, FaceBooking, pintresting, well you get it. As you have probably already figured out this isn’t Shelli….Nope, not Ashleigh,  it’s Shelli’s husband and Ashleigh’s Dad, Jeff. And in spite of my opinions on modern means of communication, one of my duties as underpaid stock boy at Knitterly is whatever it is Shelli needs to make her life easier. Because she needed a vacation it was my duty (even though I’m on vacation to0) to write the blog, so she could just vacate.

We flew into Seattle, from Santa Rosa, it’s so nice to only drive 25 minutes north to catch a plane. After a  fairly nice plane ride, we landed at SeaTac Airport about 12:20. We took a drive around Seattle, Shelli hadn’t been since she was young, so we made a few stops including The Pike Street Market. The weather was cold but nice. We spent a couple of hours being tourists, and couple more hours being  lost.

Our actual destination was Whidbey Isl. about 30 miles and a 15 minute ferry ride northwest of Seattle. We were told if we drove south that we could take a beautiful, just slightly longer ride out to the island, rather than taking the ferry. let’s just say that’s not really how it worked. But it was all good, it was beautiful. And fun, we got to see a lot of the area and we were in no hurry to get any where. We did unfortunately hit a bit of the commute and, because of our adventure in being lost, we ended up in a line at the Mukileto ferry landing waiting for the 6 o’clock ferry and the the 6:30 ferry, the parking lot was so full we didn’t on the first ferry. We did get on the next ferry and got to the inn at about 7:00pm.

The room was a corner room facing north so although we got morning sun it wasn’t direct so we could leave the blinds open and enjoy the view without being woken up too early. The accommodations at Inn at Langley are amazing, and go beyond what you would expect for a room at this price. We’ve stayed in more expensive rooms and gotten less. I highly recommend Whidbey Island and Inn at Langley to any one whose has never been. The island is about 35 miles long and 1.5 to 12miles wide and there is a lot of beautiful countryside to see, but honestly for a relaxing get away you could spend a week or so at Langley and never have to get in the car except to head back. The people here are extremely friendly and helpful. The island is slow paced and we literally saw only 3 people on cell phones the first day we were here.

Very easy going. Very relaxing. Well I’ve fulfilled yet another one of my duties and thank you all for your support and patronage, and if want a really relaxing vacation in a very relaxing place, give Whidbey Island, and the Inn at Langley, a try. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised.