My sons school has it’s spring auction coming up this month. Let me just say that I love the school. His teachers are wonderful! Little Mr has grown so much since September. His social skills have improved;) no more bonking his friends on the noggin or “roaring” in their faces like a lion (well mostly not 😉 he’s a tenacious little guy!)

  Anyway, I have decided to knit a couple sweaters for the auction. KID sweaters haha. Come on people I’m no MS (Martha Stewart) I won’t be busting out adult sweaters anytime soon.

  Top down is the only way to go – for me. I like to be done when it looks like a sweater. The finishing is so fun on a top down. Wide button band? Hood? Collar? Lots of possibilities. I’m not sure what I’m doing for the one that’s currently on needles. Its pink and soft and chunky and…. Mmm.

   I love hoods on kids sweaters, it’s such a cute look. I already have a blue baby sweater knit in Malabrigo. That yarn always surprises my how soft it is. How is wool so darn soft?! I washed it too and it’s perfect. A little finishing touch of buttons and that little guy is ready to be auctioned.

   Knitting can be perceived differently outside its own world. I hope that these are good for the auction and find happy homes.

   I’ll add some photos of my finished work soon.

   Happy spring. Happy Easter. Happy Knitting