When Julie Weisenberger learned to knit in Germany she never considered she’d find herself linked to fiber company from Japan. Habu textile creator Takako Ukei has said that Julie’s style is simple and reflects the beauty of the yarn. Her easy flowing garments are nearly begging to be knit with Habu’s various and unique fibers. Her inspiration comes from real women, interesting construction and fun yarn. Yes, they include a lot of stockingnette but that means they can be knit just about anywhere with minimal effort. Knit while watching a movie, in that interminable board meeting, or on the bus and POOF! you have a ready to wear garment that looks like it came off the rack at Anthropologie.

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Julie is teaching a few classes here at Knitterly on April 22nd. First from 2 pm until 3 pm she’ll show you how to adapt Japanese knitting charts for your own American patterns. Chart your written pattern so you can see where you are with a glance (rather than reading through paragraphs). Working a pattern this way also increases your ability to move back and forth between Japanese and Western patterns. She will bring a pattern for us to chart but feel free to bring one of your own to practice on toward the end of class.

Then from 3pm til 5pm will be the Habu yarn tasting! In this class you’ll be able to swatch with a variety of Habu yarns, combining two, three or even four strands to see what magical textures you have the ability to create. Habu has unusual fibers such as: stainless steel, copper, raw silk, pineapple, nettle, as well as old favorites in new form: wool, cotton and linen. Students should bring a few sizes of needles focusing on sizes they prefer to knit with. The cost for the class is $35 and a materials fee of $15.

cocoknits patterns might not be the most interesting project on your needles but the ones you’ll wear day after day.