I thought it would be so fun to have baby chicks in the window at Knitterly for Easter and the Butter & Eggs Day Parade. My husband made an awesome cage out of metal scraps and old elevator controller doors, Cool! We got 15 sweet little fuzz balls. They look so cute in the window! An actual tourist attraction! They were carted back & forth from their cool cage at Knitterly to my house every night for safe keeping ( incase it got too cold for them in the shop at night) handled with lots of love & care by my grandson Waylon, fed only the best organic chick feed, & special heat lamp for warmth,so much fun……but then before I knew it they turned into prehistoric looking teenagers! They were too big & kinda smelly for the window sooooo what else could I do……..get more fuzz balls! The teenagers are safe and sound in the second cage my husband made for them which now resides in the middle of the “chicken embassy suites” in my backyard. This crazy chicken lady now has 16 fuzz balls, 15 teenagers, & 5 egg laying lady chickens. Yikes! We will keep 4 of the teenagers & most of the other teenagers are going to Knitterly family members.The newest sweet little fuzz balls( which are the cutest ever) are up for sale at the Antique Faire the day after the parade. I thought since so many people wanted to buy the first set of cuties we might as well get another batch and sell them as a fund raiser for my nephew Jesse, just4jesse.com.

Here are some pics of all the gals

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