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We had such a nice day at the Antique Faire on Sunday. Lots of  fun people came by, many of them our customers, we all like similar things, good yarn, & good junk. We raised some money for Jesse thanks to all the donations from the Reid family and Muench yarns.It was really hot, lots of red faces were coming in the shop to cool off….good for making new customers. I could be one of people traveling from state to state buying good junk and selling it at street fairs. I just love old things and imagining what I can re-purpose them into. I’m really blessed to have a business that I can use the old to display the new. Fun! Old things keep me inspired, and make me smile.

We sent off 13 little chickens today to their new homes. It was so fun having baby chicks for the Butter & Eggs day parade. I will so do that again!

On the yarny side…..I’m working on a blanket using “Vintage” from Berroco it’s really nice. I’m not usually a fan of  acrylic wool blends but this one feels just right to me it comes in good colors,  good next to my skin, & a pleasure to knit with, I vote yes on this one! I’m still working on my Swans Island sweater( I love love love this yarn) it’s just on hold for a bit while I sample with some of new summer yarns so Swans Island sweater and spring/summer samples are on the way. Wish I could knit faster!!!