T-shirt yarn?! What to do?

Well, Be Sweet has made some fabulous yarns. One of my favorite is the ‘Tee shirt’ yarn. It is 55 yards of recycled  stretchy jersey, in bright colors. Pinterest and a few blogs I follow have some great tutorials available for DIY t shirt yarn. Though takes quite a few shirts to make a project, It’s a fun way to rid yourself of the excessive white tee shirts your guy never wears. ( you all know what I’m talking about ) Buuuut, Be Sweet has taken all the work of cutting  out. So I took advantage and  made an awesome infinity scarf and some fun arm candy (a blog and tutorial for the near future) out of one hank. It’s $14.00 and there is enough to make more than one scarf and bracelet.  When I wear mine I get lots of compliments. It’s fast and fun! I was beaming after I made it – I felt like I cheated! Ha


It’s so easy- here is what you do.

*wind your hank into a ball (this i strongly recommend or a tangle will be in your near future 😀 )

* lay out the yarn in an oval. I made my oval big enough to wrap around my neck once. Short like a necklace.  ( I used the kitchen table)

* wrap until there are  18 ovals

* tie your two ends- tightly

* take 8″ piece of the same, or different colored, t shirt yarn and wrap multiple times around the ends. This hides your ends and makes for a cool finish. I left an inch or two of tail on both ends. If you cut too close it will come undone. Hope this makes for good instructions.



My Mom also knitted me a really fun scarf from the grey and orange. It’s heavy, chunky, and unique. I love BOTH of my t shirt scarves.

Make one! So fun and a great summer piece…

Happy knitting