Happy friday!

Pinterest, sigh… If there were more hours in the day to actually DO the things I ‘pin’. If you have a love affair with your I Phone ,as I do, you probably have the Pinterest app. I lay in bed after the family has fallen asleep and search the internet for the lust after Kate Spade bag, my dream tree house and all the fabulous DIY that ‘A Beautiful mess’ and ‘Honestly WTF’ has to offer.  I am obsessed, inspired, and ready to put some DIY projects into action.

For my birthday last month my very cool Hubby gave me some much lusted after arm candy… A sparkly rose gold Michael Kors watch. It’s very pretty. But my arm looked so ‘naked’ with this oversized watch and nothing else. Pinterst to the rescue! I remember sitting endlessly making friendship bracelets and macrame jewelry when I was little. And now they are ‘in’! I am so excited to make some fun, inexpensive, bright, jewelry to accent my new favorite fashion accessory

I’ll post my new pieces next week.

Have a fabulous weekend