Well, here it is Monday again. The weeks are zipping by. I will admit I am happy to see the sun and rid myself of my ridiculous tan line.

Our weekend was not long enough, sigh. It was a fun day  working at Knitterly yesterday 😀 I am back on as the everyother Sunday girl. Happy to be back. We have so much yarn and I have a ‘knit bug’ bite the size of a watermelon. I am supposed to be working off my yarn debt and some how left with 3 skeins of ‘Spud and Chloe’. (Watermelon, white and grey) And none of my sticks are bare. I feel like a knitting cheerleader ! Practically giddy to share my projects with you this summer.

Somehow having kids sends into a creative frenzy and just need to get it all out. I tend to devour books, magazines and knitting at all hours of the night.

As I mentioned, Friday, I am loving making bracelets! So junior high – and so fun. .I may have taken it a tad serious Sunday morning. I found this and have been working to perfect it! Once I understood what I was doing it was fun.

Here are a few of the goodies I made from materials from the yarn shop. I used some round leather (.90 a yard), Fantasy Naturale ($8), vintage sailor buttons ($8), Cotton, and embroidery floss. I plan to make a bunch more! Hope you enjoy these bad boys.

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