Knitting for babies is such a special thing. Welcoming a new baby with a blankie or sweater or knitting for a tiny love just because is very rewarding (and fast 😉).  I adore the mini knits. I’ve made blankets, hats, booties, cashmere socks, poncho’s, bear hats, sweaters and toys… Ooo so cute and tiny! I recently has the idea to copy a ‘Mr. Bunny’. What is a Mr Bunny you wonder. Well he is a very precious, very tattered old man of a Bunny. He’s no legs or arms. Really he’s a small blankywith a head in the middle. The first kids I ever belonged to are three lovely sisters.’Lolo’ the youngest (now 8) fell in love with Mr Bunny. He caused lots of happiness and tears (missing!) Mr Bunny inspired me and so… I have made one. And he’s cute and goofy and I hope his new owner loves him.



Happy Knitting