Hope you all had a fine week, thus far 😀 Sorry you aren’t hearing from me until now. I intended on posting the pattern for ‘Mr Bunny’ Monday.. Well clearly that didn’t happen.

To make your own Mr Bunny…

The yarn I used is a discontinued organic cotton:( Boo, I know. Fortunately we, Knitterly, still has some left. It’s lovely! Pure Life By Rowan. 131 yards, 22sts over 4″ on a # 5. I doubled the yarn and used a 6. It is not  too tight that it makes for a stiff fabric. My Bunny is perfectly floppy. I don’t feel gauge is a necessity for this project. It doesn’t need to fit into anything but a chubby pair of hands;D

We have a lot of really fabulous organic cotton going out on sale. 50% off?!?! Um, can I get all that please? So basically this project is like buying 2 balls instead of 1. Lots of bang for your buck ;D (PS I have other fabulous cotton knits headed your way.. So grab some before I knit it all up)


4 balls Pure life cotton by Rowan (doubled)

24″ circular #6 needle (It’s not knit in the round, the length is for comfort)

DPN (you’ll only need to use 4 of 5 sticks) #6

Locking markers (if you desire)

Note: This is a 2 pattern repeat for the increases and 2 for decreases.

To begin:

Cast on 4 stitches

Row 1: Knit, YO, knit just before last stitch YO, knit last stitch

Row 2: Knit

Repeat until you have 78 stitches or 14″ from the start point

Row 1 decrease: Knit, YO, K2TOG, Knit to last 3 stitches KTOG, YO, knit last stitch

Row 2 decrease: Knit, K2TOG, knit to last 3 stitches K2TOG, knit last stitch

Repeat until there are 4 stitches left. Bind off last 4

To make Mr Bunny head:

Note: This is not precise. To find the middle i folded the square in half  twice. Held to the point in the middle and marked with a DPN. It’s a toy and should just be laying around. No need to be perfect, kids will never notice anyway.

Using 3 DPN’s pick up 12 stitches evenly. 4 stitches on each needle.  Join in the round.

Row 1: Knit Mark the end of the round with a locking marker. If you use a locking guy it can be locked into a stitch and easily removed.

Row 2: knit 1, KTFB, to the end of the row

Knit for 15 more rows.

Now stuff! Fill your little head with some organic polyfill. I stiffed mine so he is a bit squishy.

Row 18: K2TOG entire round.

To finish cut yarn, leaving about 12″. Thread with a needle and through all remaining stitches. Cinch tight. Weave in your end making sure it is secure and won’t slither out ;D Then add some cute eyes and a mouth. French knots make a good eye. Buttons are really no good for a baby toy. They can be swallowed, no bueno.  This toy was inspired by a toy in Natural nursery knits by Erika Knight. So I copied her X for a mouth. But I think that he came out a little agro, so next time I may try something different.


(Make 2)

Cast on 9

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Cont in stockinette stitch, decreasing 1 st the end of all knit rows until there are 3 stitches left

Last row: K3TOG

To attach ears:

If you pinch the bottom of the ears and then sew on it gives a cute look. I just attached by sewing the base on. Next time i’ll add a little pinch.

Last but certainly not least… The YO gives perfect creative edge. You will be able to slide a ribbon through or crochet a scalloped edge. The first Bunny I made was ‘naked’ of edge. The one I am currently working on is for a sweet baby girl, not yet arrived ;D


YO = Yarn over

K2TOG = knit 2 stitch together

K3TOG= knit 3 stitches together

I hope you all have fun making one or many. I will come out with a more formal pattern ASAP… Summer is so distracting!

Happy Knitting!