What’s in a ladies’ handbag is very telling of her personality. But do not  let it all sit in a less than fashionable bag! Learn a new technique and come out with a lovely bag to tote around town. When a stranger asks you where you bought it, you can proudly proclaim, “I made it!”

Ravelry.com, our favorite knitting website, is having their 3rd annual Olympic KAL and the first Ravellenic Games. Ravelers are busy forming teams, picking out projects and gearing up to challenge themselves in their craft of choice while watching athletes of the highest caliber compete in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. A full scope of the rules, teams, and Ravellenic Game events can be found here in the 2012 Ravellenic Game thread.

Knitterly is not going to host its own team, but we are all for being joiners. In the spirit of the Games, we are going to host our own Purse KAL. You can enter this project in the bag and tote backstroke for whichever team you might be playing for or just come and make it for the fun of it all. The pattern of choice will be the Hawthorn bag, a free pattern by Louisa Harding on knittingfever.com. Easily customizable, you could add a stitch pattern, or knit it in plain stockingnette and let the embellishments do the talking. Paired with Muench’s new rolled leather handles, it is sure to become your favorite bag.

We will hosting our Purse Party KAL on Saturday August 4th, at 1:30 p.m. We look forward to knitting and watching the Olympians go for gold!

Happy Knitting!

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