Sorry for the long break with the blog. My daughter and her family have been living with us due to a moldy rental situation so my computer time has been very minimal. My three year old grandson doesn’t care much for his people being on the phone or computer :-). I’m still always knitting as much as possible even with a full and very active household. Knitting keeps me sane. Ashleigh and her fam found a place and moved into it over the weekend so yea for them and yea for me and a quiet house again!

I’m finishing sweaters from last season and sampling the new yarns for fall……….some of the new yarns I’m lovin’ are the Blue Sky Alpaca’s new for this season, metalico, & royal petites,( super cute patterns too ) super soft & sumptuous, lovely colors. Another of our new yarns we are so excited to be carrying is a local yarn called Twirl, made right here in our area, Napa to be exact. Twirl is so yummy! When I look at the beautiful colors it makes me drool, when I pick up a skein  I can feel all the love and animal delightfulness, mmm, mmm, mmm! I recently brought Ashleigh and the kids to  the Twirl farm in Napa, we had the best time. I don’t know how Mary does so many things so well! I’m sure the are over 1000 animals on their farm, horses, donkeys, cows, alpacas, angora goats, shetland sheep, other sheep, chickens, turkeys, oh and 20 dogs, crazy huh. The place is beautiful, seriously a fiber lover’s heaven! Mary and her husband Chris (with only one helper) keep the animals clean, happy, well fed, & on top of all that manage to make this most amazing yarn. A big WOW from me!

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