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We’ve got to move it right on out of the basement! For those of you who have shopped our sidewalk/basement sale in the past you know just what that means…….1000sq feet of wall to wall yarn has to be moved up and out of the space below Knitterly. We can do it! I’ve been pluggin away at it…….. 5 bags here, two shelves there, day by day it’s all making it’s way up the stairs to the loft area where we sometimes had classes & was formerly know as “Chunky Town”. We had our “back stock ” there  before we got the basement. The positive side…..It’s fun to throw yarn from the loft “bombs away”! (when there’s no customers around of course) heehee. My goal is to have everything moved and the shop all clean & spiffy before October 27 when Sandra McIver comes with her Knit Swirl trunk show.I’m really excited to have Sandra and want the shop to be perfect when she comes! My family and my Knitterly family have been helping me everyday towards my goal, the basement is almost half empty, feeeew! We had a booth at the Antique Faire last Sunday and sold a ton of good junk and props I’ve used in the past but don’t have room to store. Progress, progress, progress, is being made on getting that basement cleared out, whoot whoot! Who knew I would be sidelining as a mover when I got a yarn shop. 🙂