There have been some really fun fashion trends lately. One of my fave’s being color blocking (OMIGA and faux fur!!! Another post). Bright contrasting colors paired to create a fun outfit, handbag, knit wear – whatever. How ever you do it it’s fun… A favorite blogger of mine, check her out here, put some pretty great outfits together. ( I heart her style)

Anyway, the BFF put together a hot little infinity scarf for her friend, Heather, for her birthday. It turned out perfect! Heather was a beautiful model for the yarn so pictures were a must. I was a big fat copy cat and made the BFF one for herself as well ;D It was REALLY fast! We used the yarn Pareo and knit on size 35 needles… Woah! Right?! Fast knitting baby and looks FAAAAABULLOUS . Pareo is sort of a nod to the ripped jeans look, 100% cotton and already worn in 😀 Think ratty fishing net. We have Pareo all kitted up and ready to knit. ($20.00 a skein or $40.00 a kit with 2 skeins) One evening of knitting? Yes please.

Pareo (By LANG yarns): 100% cotton, cold water machine wash/ lay flat to dry, 100g, and 50M (roughly 60 yards)

The pattern
#35 circular needles
Cast on 50-55 (sometimes the big needles make us looser and sometimes tighter… Adjust accordingly)
*about 2 stitches per inch, the loop is about 2 feet*
Knit every row (for duo color: knit all rows until you run out and repeat with second color… Of course leave enough to cast off)
*tip* cast of using a finger instead of a needle. After my third attempt casting off (!!) I called my Mom and she gave me this tip – its genius and lends to a nice finish.

PS It can also be made with one skein and it is plenty long/ wide enough.

Happy knitting



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