WELL…. we have been very busy over here at Knitterly, moving out of the basement, stocking LOTS of new yarns, having lots of fun classes & preparing for more! Knit Swirl is just around the corner (this Saturday at 10am!) and I’ve pretty much met my goal of getting my shop “tip top” by the time Sandra comes, YAY!! Last Monday I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach & overwhelmed,…… how would I get everything moved! I couldn’t imagine where it was all gonna go.  Little by little, box by box, it all went somewhere.  🙂  There is still some last minute things to be moved in the basement and some shuffling to be done in the “loft” but the main part of the shop is lookin good. FEEEEEW! One thing moved always leads to another with me so once again everything is fresh, clean, and probably not where it was the last time you were here. :-} I’m always trying for that perfect spot for everything.

Our new counter is wonderful, it feels like it’s been there forever. One more section to be made for the back area( which we will store patterns in) and the whole sales area will be complete, that I will (probably) never move.  Our new book section is also quite nice with two chairs and a small table for finding new inspiration. The classroom area is in the back section of the store where it has been many times before, the classroom upstairs(the loft) is now VERY full of back stock. The baby section is in the front so you will all be greeted with it’s happy colors and cute samples that just make me smile. The Twirl has the best spot in the shop on the benches front and center to be loved by all, especially me. We’ve been combining Twirl, Habu, & Isager, for some fabulous scarves, cowls & sweaters. We have a FABULOUS  cowl section & the felting section is growing by the minute!  Oh and don’t forget the best ever blanket kits for $75 just in time for the chill in the air.

Here are some photos of the moving process……

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