We recently had a Be Sweet trunk show and book signing, with Nadine the woman behind the brand. (I love her knitting journal btw and recommend it to everyone.)
When I heard she was selling some samples my ears perked and my eyes turned saucer like (I’m a bit dramatic)
They have the BEST poncho booklet and I was hoping a model from the booklet would be there… A specific model πŸ˜‰ it wasn’t…..
Buuut Nadine had it and was willing to sell it to me in trade! (happy woman here) so I agreed graciously agreed to drop the trunk show off last week πŸ™‚ he he and pick up my new poncho.
I heart this garment! Too bad it was about 90 that day. Ha ha
Happily rocked it Sunday with the family when went to an apple farm on Chileno Valley road. It was chillll-eeee. However, I was cozy!
Come in and GET this pattern – its amazing… We may be out its so good;D
Anyone can help you pick yarn. It takes quite a bit and we have LOTS of fun winter yarns. I am thinking I will make a lighter weight version for the warmer months. It’s that good πŸ™‚
It had some Errata that has now been corrected.

Enjoy and happy knitting