Happy Monday all. It’s going to be a hot November day in the P. Thankful for a couple more warm sunny mornings to take the kids to play. Hope it’s a great day for you all πŸ™‚
Last week I made my first felt ball wreath. It was fun and didn’t take too long. I think between stringing them on and attaching it was about an hour and a half… I might be over guessing here.
I brought home a cellophane bag half-3/4 full. Took some spud and Chloe (because its a really strong yarn) and threaded my little felted guys. I would guess 80-100. I bought a metal floral wreath from the craft store and cut the rings apart. I used the smallest ring (just one) after stringing I tied the end of my yarn (I used white by the way) and began to wrap my felt ball strand around the wire. You can change your creative direction here making a “thicker or thinner” wreath.
Once I had it how I wanted and made it around the ring I simply tied the yarn on to the ring. If you don’t trust that. I’d suggest hot gluing to the ring. So much fun! If you have a question or its not clear please leave a comment. The wreath lives on the Knitterly door now and (picture soon to follow) I will offer a one day class soon…
Happy stringing πŸ˜‰