This past Sunday I took a class with some of my friends and other creative women as well. What a fun afternoon. My Mom, Shelli, taught us to make a Dr Suess looking Christmas stocking (which seconds as a silly hat)
The class was fun full of tips and tricks to make it unique and to the taste of the knitter. We all started completely different and I am excited to see them hanging up all finished!! I would love to surprise my Hubby and kiddos with fun stocking on Christmas… Now I am a stocking girl. I’ve been telling my parents for years we are too old for gifts.. My Mom says “how about no stockings?” Umm?! No way! That’s the BEST part. Old fashion toys, Andies candies, crazy socks, marshmallow roaster with extra long handle, sweater defuzzer, bacon flavor candy necklace! The fun crazy gifts Santa leaves in our stockings… So now we get stockings filled to the brim:) (my parents are the BEST stocking stuffers ill have my work cut out for me;) )
If you would like to take the class it will be offered again December 2, from 12pm-3pm (it’s $10 if you have yarn that will felt or buy new yarn and the class is free 😉 ) There is also a similar pattern, from which her inspiration came, called Alterknits Felt by Leigh Radford. Awesome book! I highly recommend the class – so fun!
My stocking thus far 🙂 ill add a finished product pic as well.

Happy knitting