Tis’ the season! I am so ready for this rain that is a comin’ ๐Ÿ˜‰
Started November off right with a super fun beginning knitting class. Thank you ladies! Inspired women – caught the “bug”.
Knitting is my favorite hobby and this time of year makes me… Lust over it allll.
I just wanted to share some fabulous classes coming up and I’m excited to add a few of my own. (Beginning knitting, felted ball wreath, and maybe a surprise class….)
For all you sweater knitters… Julie (aka Coco Knits) is coming This weekend to teach a class on designing/ fitting a cardigan. (Top down – only way to go) It’s a sort of next step from my Mom’s top down class (which is fabulous and on going) anyway, Julie rocks! She has advice and tips to creating that sweater. You know the one you have been searching for a pattern for but you can’t find in your size or the style you like (holy run on sentence ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) We heart Julie and her designs. There are still a few spaces left . Check out the class description
There is also the faaabulous yarn sampling of HABU yum! This weekend it the kick off for our “winter”.
Cold weather, warm drinks and knitting. Sigh, I love it! Winter!
Call the shop if you’d like to get into the class 707 762 YARN.
There is also another Christmas stocking class, beginning crochet, self fringe shawl, a beautiful tag making class with Anna Corba 12 days of Christmas tags I’ve taken Anna’s tag class often She is amaze, a lot of holiday gift knitting and creating is happening at Knitterly. Take a class or just come in for some inspiration.
What are your winter projects!? I will share mine and I’d love to hear about yours.

Happy knitting