Hello there, happy Tuesday, what a gorgeous day.
I had lunch with the most HANDSOME “man” (he’s only about four feet tall and says buffalo with two S’s instead of F’s 😀 ) it was crisp and wintery but nice. I have been wanting more cowls and scarves for just these kinds of days. One of our very nice and talented knitters came in a couple weeks ago wearing such a great cowl. I was oooing and ahhhing over it. Remember that “fisherman’s knit” scarf that was so popular a few years back!? Well it’s that! Only its in the round. Genius! I’ve made my first one and dropped it @ the shop. One skein “Handspun Merino” 100% merino by be sweet. Mmmmmm I heart that yarn. The colors are amazing, it’s sooooftttt, fluffy, and bonus (!) big needles. Mine may be a bit tight (insert blush)

75 – 100 Yards bulky weight yarn (use Be Sweet! You won’t regret!!!)
cast on 46 stitches
Join into round
*Knit 1, YO, K2TOG*
Repeat * to * until you are donzo

{note: if you don’t want it to curl start and end with 2 – 4 rows garter stitch}

Enjoy! I’m going to make lots I’ll post as I go ;D
Happy knitting