Happy Wednesday! Half way through this week and almost into December 😀
Back here I talked about knitting for EvaLou. I started her an alpaca hat. SO fun seeing her wear it yesterday. She isn’t 100% into the hats she has…. Yet! JI’m working on it;D
I did a big band of ribbing on the bottom using an 8 needle and when I started the lace I switched to a # 15. It’s the most basic lace, and the only lace I’ve done ;D ha ha It makes for an adorable hat! And I didn’t do a single decrease.
We have SO many great yarns this pattern will work with (all really). I’m going to make one with the softer than clouds yarn “Flicker” by berroco…. It’s $8 and has GLITTER ;D
You also can do a gauge and change my #’s to work. The lace pattern needs to end up with an odd number of stitches to work, but this can be adult, kid, infant…. simple simple.
Enjoy. And email us a pic of your finished project with a smiling face underneath that fun slouchy hat!

125 yds alpaca
# 8 16″ circular
# 15 16″ circular
Darning needle

# 8 16″ circular (bigger or smaller depending on your knitting)
Cast on 70 sts.

Ribbing: K1, P1( for about 3″)

Lace: (first round continue on #8 needle)
Round 1: Increase 5 stitches evenly, using M1 or KFB
Round 2 and ALL rounds following: *K1, YO, K2TOG* repeat * to *
When your hat measures 8-8.5 inches (from cast on edge) thread your darning needle through all stitches cinch tight and weave in… Our girl is a babe still and has an average noggin.
Be creative and try it different ways. Tighter, looser, longer pattern to make a more slouched hat.
Give, wear,admire your work