Keeping our inspiration can be effortless at times and impossible other times. My biggest inspirations, these days come from my girlfriends. Also, pinterest. Pinterest has changed creativity in a big way. I hear people say different things… Some people find it overwhelming, overloading, or over stimulating… I also find people doing the things they have wanted to do. Seeing other people actually make the things we’ve wanted makes it seem doable. There is a lot of knitting happening there as well, wink wink. Knitterly has a pinterest page you can follow- see what is inspiring our girls;D
I love to collect magazines. Love finding knitted hats, scarves, vests in Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Anthropologie…. So much great inspo out there! Find it and create! Knit, crochet, weave, just CRAFT and CREATE, because it just makes life more enjoyable ❤




Things that inspire me today…
Enjoy, knit, create